Literally? 8-5-2017

I don’ know how many of my fellow bloggers are literal people, but I am. Does it scare anybody else how little people seem to use their brain these days?  Is literacy dead?

If you tell me something, I am going to take your words literally. So, if you show me the signs below, don’t be upset when I point out their idiocy in a very sarcastic manner.

Sometimes all I can do is to fall back on my standard reply:


Funny Pictures Of The Day – 34 Pics

Well...given the choices...haha.   (The arrows really just clarify what they meant by the stop sign lol.)

...but how...

FAIL. Uh... But you just said not to...

Soccer Not Allowed



(all pictures from Pinterest and are not my own)

























8 thoughts on “Literally? 8-5-2017

  1. Someone I know was telling me about some decisions higher ups in their company have recently made that are so stupid it’s painful. The person I was speaking too was wondering “why??” I said “People in general have become so idiotic and we’ve lost so much common sense (as a society) that I’m surprised we continue to exist.” And they countered with the idea that shortly we won’t. It’s all in perspective I guess. But my God. Could the advertisers or people in charge of doing signs just take two minutes and READ FOR CONTENT? It’d sure make a lot of us feel better…


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