Literally? 8-13-2017


What happened to SpellCheck? It is there for a reason!

Get your groove on!

Rapping paper: its rhymes are the reason it's so cool this holiday season, yo.

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6 thoughts on “Literally? 8-13-2017

  1. X-mas time and a blinged out tree
    Drinkin’ the ‘nog for a remedy
    To my secret Santa identity
    Spendin’ wit plastic relentlessly
    Yo, swipe dat strip
    Cuz we ain’t playin’

    Buyin’ the youngun’s bran’ new toys
    Karats for the bad girls an’ homeboys
    Stuffed in Macy’s ‘n Nordstrom sacks
    Hustlin’ the season like big fat cats
    Yo, read dat chip
    While I do some prayin’

    But now it’s time to make a deposit
    Cuz’ interest rates is criminal logic
    When Barbi an’ Vader go in the closet
    Dat ‘rappin’ paper I gone an’ lost it
    Yo, Franklin takes a trip
    Ya’ know what I’m sayin’
    Another Franklin takes a trip

    Sorry… couldn’t resist.

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