Sunday Photo Fiction 9-5-2017

210 09 September 3rd 2017

They peered over the railing, watching the tank roll across the bridge-way.

“Do you think they know?”

Cat shook her head.  “How could they?”

He shrugged. “I don’t know. They have ways.”

“They have ways?” She laughed.

The tank rumbled off the bridge, disappearing behind tumbled warehouses surrounding the abandoned wharf.

“The camp is that way,” he pointed out.

Her look said ‘duh.’ Her voice, “Let’s go.”

They moved back to the highway, following the tracks of the tanks back towards their hidden camp. It was hidden no longer.

The tank had flattened the gates. Exposing the bodies. Destruction. And blood.

Cat stood motionless for a moment, eyes flat. “Ways you said?”

He nodded.


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