Tuesday’s Word of the Week On Wednesday 9-27-2017


gar·boil \ ˈgär-ˌbȯi(-ə)l \
Popularity: Bottom 30% of words


  1. To throw into confusion or disorder; cause a tumult or disturbance in.
  2. uproar; disorder; disturbance; commotion.


Giojoso fell to trembling; behind him, Rinolfo, the cause of all this garboil, stared with round big eyes; whilst my mother, all a-quiver, clutched at her bosom and looked at me fearfully, but spoke no word.
The Strolling Saint; being the confessions of the high and mighty Agostino D’Anguissola, tyrant of Mondolfo and Lord of Carmina in the state of Piacenza
And even had he done so it is odds none would have heard him, for the late calm was of a sudden turned to garboil.
Mistress Wilding


The word ‘garboil’ is of uncertain origin; the last part may come from a Latin word meaning ‘to boil’.

Or –

Middle French garbouil, from Old Italian garbuglio


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