Tuesday’s Word of the Week 10-17-2017



miz·maze \ ˈmizˌmāz \


  1. A confused maze; a labyrinth.
  2. Confusion; bewilderment.


He left her then in a mizmaze of deep reflections; but he didn’t go until they’d ordained to meet again.
The Torch and Other Tales

But to the end of his days, when he heard mention of fairies and brownies, his mind wandered off in a mizmaze.
The Junior Classics — Volume 6 Old-Fashioned Tales

But so cunningly contrived a mizmaze was never seen in the world, before nor since.
Tanglewood Tales

They come along so fast that I was all in a mizmaze trying to keep track on ’em.
Explorers of the Dawn


The word ‘mizmaze’ is a reduplication of the word ‘maze’.


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