“I Am Brave” 30 Day Challenge Day 15 11-12-2017

I Am Resourceful.


Draw a scene of yourself 15 days from now, succeeding in your 30-Day challenge. Note what emotions arise as you doodle your braver, successful self.


What resources would help me flourish in my 30 Day Challenge?
(e.g. money, time, information, training, technology, people).

What emotions can I develop to elicit more of those resources?
(e.g. creativity, curiosity, determination, love, enthusiasm, honesty).

When I look ahead 15 days, envisioning what I might see, I first find myself wanting to look away. Not because I think anything ‘bad’ will have happened, but rather because I am afraid there will be nothing there. What could/should I be able to do in 15 days which I haven’t managed in all these years?

Then again, that isn’t the thought or the point of the exercise. I just needed to get my fears out first, into the open, where they couldn’t hide.

That done, I can move on.

Resources? Money always helps. Time? Always. Information, training, tech not so much. People, yes. No. Maybe.

What emotions? I need to be creative, curious about where my story will lead, determined to reach the end, in love with the story, excited about the story and, last but not least, honest about what I can and can’t do.

Mostly honest about who I am. Am I a writer? Yes. Have I always been a writer? Yes. Do I act like a writer? Well, sometimes not.

Writers, write. Am I writing? Am I always feeling like I should be doing something else with my time? Of course! Should I be doing something else with my time? That is harder to say. Where is the perfect balance?

So now comes the task of imagining myself, and my world, in 15 days. Actually, I am going to go for 22 days. That takes me to my birthday which seems a fitting end-date.

Twenty two days from now, NaNoWrMo will be over.  Will I have completed the first draft of my novel? Maybe, maybe not. Will I have worked on my novel consistently, at least five days a week? Yes. And that is a step forward.

Will I know more about my characters and the direction of the story in 22 days? I certainly hope so.

Will I feel more like a writer? Happier? More fulfilled?

Hard to say.

I am at the stage where birthdays aren’t as important anymore. Having a birthday at my age is a lost art. How do you capture the joy and thrill of those childhood birthday parties when you are no longer a child?

Maybe I don’t need to. Maybe I just need to accept what is and what isn’t. My beginning is always the place where I am at any moment.  Maybe I just need to start there every day and relish each day as it comes.

Maybe that is all there is to the story. Start where you are each day and the rest will come.

See you in 22 days!

My ability to appreciate and contribute does not depend on my access to resources. The fact that I’m using this journal is proof that I have recognized a need in myself and had the resourcefulness to acquire tools to help take me where I want to go. I will continue to listen to the needs, beliefs, and emotions that are controlling me so I can develop further confidence in my journey forward.

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