Tuesday’s Word of the Week 11-28-2017



ca·fi·la \ ˈkafələ , ˈkä- \


1. A caravan of travelers; a military supply train or government caravan; a string of pack horses.


They were large animals — nearly of the shape and size of small horses — and travelling in single file; as they were, the troop at a distance presented something of the appearance of a “cafila,” or caravan.
Popular Adventure Tales

Thereupon mounting on the camel, he proceeded along with the cafila.
The Turkish Jester or, The Pleasantries of Cogia Nasr Eddin Effendi

This is a case much dwelt on by the old travellers, and which throws a gloom over the spirits of all Bedouins, and of every cafila or caravan. Narrative and Miscellaneous Papers


The word ‘cafila’ comes from an Arabic word meaning ‘caravan’.


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