Tuesday’s Word of the Week 12-5-2017




A dandy; a fop.


But he was awake, and he sat up promptly when the young muscadin from Paris was roughly thrust into his room by the soldiers.
The Historical Nights’ Entertainment First Series

My amusements were few; the good Mrs. Putnam employed me and her daughters constantly to spin flax for shirts for the American soldiers; indolence, in America, being totally discouraged; and I likewise worked some for General Putnam, who, though not an accomplished muscadin, like our dilletantis of St. James’s-street, was certainly one of the best characters in the world; His heart being composed of those noble materials which equally command respect and admiration.
Memoirs of Aaron Burr

Gandrin, what did you mean by saying that that young man was no muscadin!
The Parisians — Complete



The term Muscadin (French: [myskadɛ̃]), meaning “wearing musk perfume”, came to refer to mobs of young men, relatively well-off and dressed in a dandyish manner, who were the street fighters of the Thermidorian Reaction in Paris in the French Revolution


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