Sunday Photo Fiction 12-6-2017

219 12 December 3rd 2017

He watched the hotel draw closer as the boat slipped through the water, studying the almost-blank face of the building. To be honest, it looked more like an apartment building on the steadily-growing-seedy side of town than a five-star hotel.

“It’s beautiful,” she said, coming up beside him and sliding an arm around his waist.

He’d seen better, but didn’t say so. This was special to her, even if it wasn’t to him. It should be special to him, but he just couldn’t make it so in his own heart.

Truthfully, he loved her but he didn’t much like her anymore. Her neediness; her desperation to fit into his world when she didn’t. The band tolerated her because of him.

And that was a bad sign.

Because he loved her, he’d arranged this last weekend. It was gonna hurt like hell to walk away, but he would. Family was more important and the band was his family.

Turning to her, he smiled, determined to give her one more happy memory.

11 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction 12-6-2017

  1. A very lawyered story for such a short piece. I feel upset for her. If he actually loves her and wants her to fit, she will. Acceptance will grow with time even if she doesn’t quite fight Fit in. But she’s not family and that tells me he doesn’t love her that much. Sad but true.

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  2. This is a sad situation. It sounds like she may have been through this situation before and is trying harder to fit in this time. If it isn’t going to work though it’s better to end it rather than be miserable. Sooner or later he’d probably start to hate her. That would be worse. Good writing, Connie. —- Suzanne

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  3. Going to be painful on both sides. He obviously doesn’t really love her or he wouldn’t choose the band. Although I wonder if he will go back to her when the band has dropped into obsurity and he is nothing but a faded memory, or if she will have found someone who truly loves her and all of her nuances.

    Good story

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    • I love to see how other writers see my characters and stories! Unfortunately, he does not yet know the true meaning of love. Not the dictionary meaning, but the meaning we all feel(maybe) deep down in our souls. Even so, they wouldn’t work because they just don’t fit beyond the bedroom. I’m hoping ‘true’ love for them both.

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