Christmas Time is Here! 12-25-2017


Day Five of Christmas Horse Pictures!

Christmas Day! Ring in the Happiness! Good Cheer! Presents…..

At my house, sort of.

I didn’t wrap anything until this morning, Christmased out by decorating the living room and Tree on Christmas Eve. Normally, all the presents for my kids are wrapped and under the tree by the week before. Not so this year, but maybe that is okay. It is okay not to try so hard?

It wasn’t like they were up at the crack of dawn.

So, I wrapped for them, then the rest of the my family. After opening presents at home, under the newly decorated Christmas Tree, my oldest mixed up Mac and Cheese and some oatmeal cookies for the Family Gathering later that morning.

This was at my asking, mind you. No, not asking. Telling. This wasn’t some bright insight on her part.

They both did an excellent job with my gifts. My son got me a neat black and white drawing of a barn scene with a bright-orange/red fox in the foreground. My oldest got me an agenda and a GC to B&N. Her gifts surprised me. Usually, it’s a DVD.

I was just about to start my “Great Agenda Hunt” for 2018 and this saves me so much time. It isn’t one I would have picked, but she did and it will work fine.

The we drove down to my parent’s house for Christmas with my Dad, sister and her son.

Truthfully, everything felt odd and awkward. Maybe it was just me, but usually I am pretty good about reading such things.

We handed out presents. My sister asked if I had purchased Dad’s gifts to my kids. I said no, I hadn’t been asked to put that on my agenda. Strike one, thought my Dad did write them each a check before we left.

Strike two, we took the dog. I am not yet comfortable leaving her home alone (well with the cats) for long periods of time. She has abandonment issues due to being dumped on our street. We didn’t take her inside my Dad’s house, because she had not been invited. She wasn’t even mentioned until we were getting ready to leave.

We ate and rushed home so my youngest could go to work. Christmas was over.

It was a good Christmas, I guess. At least, an okay one. I don’t do well with holidays on a whole – they overwhelm me – and the same with family gatherings.

Could it have been better? Could I have made it better? Yes and yes, but I’m not sure faking the emotions was the needed ingredient. I don’t want to fake and pretend. I just want Christmas to mean something more again.

That said, Christmas really isn’t for adults, not the Christmas Tree/Santa Claus side anyway. Christmas is for children, those who haven’t forgotten the world of Christmas magic.

I can remember being that child, but can I ever be that child again?

Maybe if I had gotten that pony under the Christmas Tree……


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Christmas Time is Here! 12-24-2017


Day Four of Christmas Horse Pictures!

Let’s pretend WordPress hasn’t been hiding my drafts from me and this is actually Christmas Eve.  For me, at least.

I found the holiday spirit today. Down went the still-piled fall decorations and up came the Christmas. Up came the tree upon direct command. My youngest then had to be told to put it together. He’s 22, remember.

But he did and I decorated it and we had our tree.  It was actually kind of nice. My daughter wasn’t there to put her ornaments on the tree and my son didn’t want to bother, so I pulled out the Breyer ornaments I’ve been collecting for years but which have never gone on a tree. I didn’t put them all up, just in case, since half of them are china/resin and we have four cats and, now, a dog. Plus some random horse ornaments and a snowman or two.

2017-12-26 08.14.05.jpg

I decorated the mantle and the little white tree my oldest brought up? I put it on a side table and decorated it as a bird tree.



So, is Christmas here?

Today, it feels like a yes!



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JSW Prompt 12-25-2017

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