Response JSW Prompt 1-8-2018 on 1-9-2018

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The Daily Prompt: August 17, 2017


The flowers died on Monday.

She threw them away on Tuesday.

Wednesday, I left. For good.

It wasn’t like we’d fallen out of love.  If anything, we’d fallen more in love, so much more I smothered under the weight of her emotions.

Or had the streams of her feelings turned to hate when I wasn’t looking?

I don’t know. Things would have been easier had I known.

It’s easy to pretend to hate, but so much harder to walk out the door and never look back.

Thursday, I moved to California, half a world away from dead flowers in a dumpster.

On Friday, alone in an empty apartment, I cried.

Saturday, I left the apartment and never looked back.

2 thoughts on “Response JSW Prompt 1-8-2018 on 1-9-2018

  1. The flowers died on Monday.

    It’s what he expected, they lasted much longer than he had thought.

    It figures it was Monday, he first day back to work.

    He wasn’t quite ready to gave his co-works yet, family had been difficult enough but work is a long eight hour day with the same people five days a week. At least with family he could pawn them off with a chipper text filled with lies or just shut his phone off completely.

    He was surprised how he really wasn’t ready to go back to his life, it was so different yet so much the same.

    His clothes, his car, his job; were all the same. But with one major piece that was always holding everything together now gone.

    He parked his car in his reserves spot like he always did, he grabbed his sport coat and brief bag from the back seat easy to start the day. Or was he? He made his way over to the door, pulled his badge out and swiped it to go in.

    He was greeted by the same familiar face behind the security desk.

    “Morning Mr Davis” a subtle voice said.
    “A new Monday, I wonder what the week will hold for us?”.

    He gave a gentle smile and passed across the lobby.

    It was Monday, the last of her flowers died today.


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