Sunday Photo Fiction 1-11-2018

222 01 January 7th 2018

Sunday Photo Fiction


Street dark with the coming night, I picked my way down the snowy sidewalks, wishing I was warm and safe at home. Not long, I told myself. Not long.

A bitter wind swept down the street, making the evening seem darker than before.

Almost home.

The first thing I would do would be to kick off my shoes, change into comfortable clothes and then settle with a huge mug of hot chocolate to watch my favorite programs. I tape the soaps during the day. Silly, I know. It’s not like they share anything with reality, but, it’s nice to settle in after a long day and watch people who’s lives are more confused and messy than mine.

Who’s Jason sleeping with this week? How did Sandy’s son turn out to be fathered by Allan? Will David manage to forced Stan out of the family business?

Silly, indeed, but wouldn’t it be nice if life was so black and white?

Then I was black. Nothing. Nowhere. No one. No white.

Only the sharp bite of the knife again and again.


3 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction 1-11-2018

  1. Gruesome ending and such a startling surprise contrasted against the narrator just thinking about everyday life and wanting to catch up before she goes home. At first your story reminded me of a Robert Frost poem, it’s a famous one with one of the last lines repeated “And miles to go before I sleep . . .” b/c it felt like to her it felt forever for her to get home and rest. And than that shocking ending, hopefully now she really is at rest.

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