Sunday Photo Fiction 1-24-2018

20 CEAyr January 21st 2018 Sunday Photo Fiction

“This is a very valuable book,” Professor Johnson stated. “Only a few persons have been allowed to study the text inside.” Subtext – Me.

His students sighed restlessly, already bored with the upcoming lecture.

John scribbled a message, tosses it to Bill.

Gonna puke.




Bill texted quickly and slid his phone away unnoticed.

Five minutes later, the fire alarm started to blare. In the panic, Professor Johnson tried to organize the students to exit single file, but students fled every way, around and over desks, out the window, log-jamming in the doorway.

“Students! Students! One by one, please. One at a time!”

Bill and John rose slowly, watching the confabulation of students, dawdling until they were the last one in the classroom.

John walked to the Professor’s desk, hefted the book in one hand. Flipped through to the front plate. “Copywrite 1964. Gods old.”

“Guess we ought to take it to him.”

“Might disappear between here and there.”

“True, but… we should make the effort. Wouldn’t want to misplace such a fine and sacred text.”

Stepping out of the hall and heading in the opposite direction from the fleeing students, John tucked the book neatly under one arm.




“Feels more like a Beer and Pizza Day.”

Bumping fists, they headed out for the day.








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