Sunday Photo Fiction 1-31-2018

20 Eric Wicklund January 28th 2018
Sunday Photo Fiction

One Day In The Garden

“Hey, Chris,” Jay called, “They’ve got you memorialized!”

Chris wandered over. “Damn, my butt looks good.”

“Don’t let your head get bigger.”

“No chance. Look at that leg. Nice.”

“Only you could find a statue sexy.”

“What? You’ve never seen David? Aphrodite and Eros? Venus de Milo? Good god, Jay, what swamp did you crawl out from?”

“Ass. No wait, you think David is sexy?”

“Not in a ‘gotta-have-him’ way, but he is considered rather risque.”

“Newest headlines on National Enquirer! ‘Rock Star Chris Crenshaw in love with statue of David! Begging Italy… Let me take him home!'”

Chris rolled his eyes. “Yeah, I’ll put him right in my bedroom, gaze lovingly at him at night.”

“Wait, you’re never in your bedroom, at least your home bedroom.”

Chris shrugged. “So he’ll get lonely.”

“We could take him on tour. Work him into the opening number.”

“You tell the roadies they have to move his ass cause I won’t.”

“I guess he’ll have to stay in Italy.”

“We’ll visit him when the tour gets there.”

“Hey, that’s right.” Jay grinned. “A night with David. What a great photo op!”

Chris punched him in the arm and walked away.









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