Question of the Day 2 – Response by Cheynoea

Thanks, Cheynoea, for the beautiful response.


You inspired a short poem 🙂 I haven’t written a poem in quite some time. So thank you for breaking my writers block on that portion of my brain.


I failed to take any photos of my yesterday and today as well.
Other than in my head where those memories reside,
I shall have no physical proof barring the stories I tell.
Tucked away ever so neatly in a section of my brain they hide,
I will remember grazing upon them once in a while but never to linger and dwell.

How many pictures did you take yesterday?

Contrary to the norm, I didn’t take any pictures yesterday.  I did video my welcome home from my dog and one cat. Mostly blurred puppy.

I normally walk during a break at work, but did the stairs instead, so no chance of pictures there. Interesting pictures anyway.

As for the walk with the dog, no chance for pictures! She moved so fast that if I try to stop for a second, she almost pulls me off my feet. She is a Mini Pin so you’d think I would be in control of stop and go. No, she just runs to the end of the leash and doesn’t stop, even when she bounces. (Just joking, but she would choke herself if I didn’t keep an eye out.)

Love that fuzzy little girl!




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