Question of the Day 2-24-2018

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What is the last stupid thing you did?

That’s easy. Trying to save money, I went to a new vet to get Evie checked and get her shots. They offered half price Wellness Checks. Stupid.

Not that they were bad, but because I didn’t know them, I had to go to my normal vet to have their finding re-checked. So instead of saving money on one vet visit, I spent more on two.

That’s what I get when I try to beat the system and go cheap.

The upshot of the whole situation is that Evie has heartworms. Not going to be saving any money here!

Oh, well. She is part of the family now and I will do what needs to be done even though I don’t need another expense right now. My father is not mad at me for adopting Evie anymore, because I’ve told him over and over how inexpensive she is to keep.

That was before the heartworm train.

I don’t think I’ll mention this to my father, not yet at least.

2 thoughts on “Question of the Day 2-24-2018

  1. Heart worm is easy to treat (relatively) and is deadly if left untreated. Now that they “know” (and if you’re uneasy and think they may be trying to get money from you for something that isn’t true – Evie looks so YOUNG after all), get a second opinion. The blood test is spendy, the treatment can be more so. But they sell nifty six month or year long packets, so the payment is one time (per year) and the dog is kept healthy. The thing about dogs is that their medical expenses, just like humans, are getting more and more out of sight via cost.

    And not to be nosy, but why does your dad have any say at all? If you’re an adult (I assume. That’s always bad, I know because ass+u+me), he should mind his own business. But my mother continued to try to be in charge of my life long past the time when it was logical, so what do I know?


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