Question of the Day 2-25-2018

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What happened in your life today?

I spent today with family. My sister, husband and son, myself and my two adults and my father all went to Monticello today for Dad’s birthday. I hadn’t been there for years, probably since the kids were in elementary school and went to Monticello for a school trip. In fact, it has been years since my family had taken any kind of day trip together.


Not much had changed about the house. The surrounding paraphernalia of Welcome Center, yes, there was quite of bit of change. Then again, I’ve changed a lot since last I went to Thomas Jefferson’s home.

When  I was younger, the historic aspect of Monticello, and other historical sites, wasn’t really real to me. Okay, some dead person – famous dead person – lived there or was born there or died there, but so what?

What did it mean in my life? Nothing. Dead and gone. A past I couldn’t even really imagine.


Today, however, things were different. Not just the new Visitor’s Center, but something more, something I didn’t understand at first. Truth was, I was different.

Maybe because I am older, I am more connected to the past. There were books behind glass that Jefferson had actually owed. Books Thomas Jefferson touched, read, loved.

I felt the presence of the past. Could almost see the big family living there, kids and grandkids running in and out, all around the house, the clatter of dishes, laughter.

The real revelation came when I was walking along the tunnel under the house where the daily activities which kept the house running took place. Touching the wall, I was stuck by the years of slaves who’d walked the same passageway on their way to and from their various duties. The actual Wine Cellar, Beer Cellar and other rooms were sterile, but the hallway…..

Touching the wall, I touched history.

One thought on “Question of the Day 2-25-2018

  1. A very nice house you have and glad you spend it with your love ones.
    So to answer you question, what I did today was to have sexual relationship with a crazy girl, I don’t know why but I always end up with the crazies, maybe because I am…..
    had to throw her out of my room, since with 34 years old I still live in a house with 3 other people, but I got to say that in Spain is quite normal, the other guy is a 60+man, a marrocan woman 40+, and ofcourse the so called self proclaimed land lady wich she is over 40, so to not piss her off with this crazy girl yelling at me because…… she has her own issues and frankly she disserves them, so she wanted to stay at the house until the end of the month when she gets her mental pension from the state (that gives you a clue), it seems that as much as one tries you can’t change people, so I stayed awake all night just in case she robbed me, wich it happened other time that she ran off with my computer, I woke up at after she left for her “job”….. I love that one, her “job”, she tells me to go with her, I said fine and then she tells me to sit over there and here is money for you to get alcohol, (yes as an alcoholic you can do crazy things like this one) and Jesus Christ! What a surprise…..she tells me she has a cleaning job and that not to get near so “they” don’t see me, well the cleaning job it seems to be cleaning the penis of men.
    That’s my wild story, so I better sober up.


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