Question of the Day 2-28-2018

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What do you do when you are lost?

I’m lost right now. I forgot my phone so I have no way to get in touch with my daughter to remind her to take Evie to the vet. Don’t have a home phone anymore and I don’t have her number without my phone. Can’t sign into Yahoo mail because I signed out yesterday (dumb) which I normally don’t do and now, not having my phone, I can’t push the stupid little access button or get the texted code. Oh, and I can’t access my recovery account because I – in my infinite wisdom – made my access account another yahoo email address.

I am such an idiot sometimes.

Anyway, besides being lost today without my phone, I do get lost other times. Literally lost and also emotionally lost. When I am emotionally lost, I tend to ‘turtle.’ If you don’t know the term, it is exactly as it sounds. I curl up in my shell and cut out the world. Not a good thing.

I don’t turtle as much as I used to. There were times when I lived inside my shell and never once peeked out. Luckily, I have a friend who kept kicking me out of my shell… or maybe dragging is a better term.

As for being physically lost, I panic and then force myself to calm down (works sometimes and not others) in an effort to find my way. Nowadays with GPS, finding one’s way is so much simpler than before. I can still make it tough, however, because sometimes the cell and I get into a fight and it refuses to connect.

I used to get lost without any way to find myself or my way. I have learned how to find both. Next, I am hoping I never get lost at all.

One thought on “Question of the Day 2-28-2018

  1. I don’t like to feel lost. It makes my anxiety flare. That’s why I double check, sometimes triple-check directions before leaving home. To find my way, I usually go ask someone and hopefully this person will guide me to where I need to be.


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