Sunday Photo Fiction 2-28-2018

 225 03 March 18th 2018

Sunday Photo Fiction

“I didn’t know the Boy King was that short!”

Jeff glanced at his assistant.  “The smaller sarcophagi is symbolic, not correct to size. Tut was about 5’11, average for the time.”

“Wasn’t he deformed?”

“He had a club foot, probably as a result of incest. He was also infected with various strains of malaria and, overall, not a healthy guy.”


“Indeed. Which is why we need to learn as much as possible about his life and times.”

“Yeah. You want this little guy in the front case?”

“That would be fine.” As his assistant walked away with the tiny replica, Jeff glanced down at the mummified face of the boy king. “We’ll have you some new DNA just as soon as you’re settled,” he promised with a pat. “Once the miracles of  medical science have their say, you’ll be as good as new.”




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