Question of the Day 3-22-2018

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What is the most important thing on my desk at this moment?

The most important things on my desk at this moment are my notebooks. My Journal, my If-I-Lose-This-Notebook-I-Am-Screwed Notebook and my Planner. That or my bottle of Chocolate Silk. At this hour of the morning, chocolate is pretty darn important. The notebooks are not yet cracked open.

I need to crack the notebooks (including my next manuscript which has not yet made it from my bag to my desk) and catch up on things, but I’m not quite at that point yet.

Ever had those morning? When you can’t quite get going? I seem to have a lot of them lately. I could say I don’t know why, but I do. I have been staying up too late, watching Youtube. Last night, I stumbled upon videos about the Skylar Neese murder and was drawn in immediately. If you don’t know about the case, Skylar was stabbed to death by her two best friends because, according to the videos, they didn’t like her anymore.

What? Two high school friends, stab their third, best, friend, to death because they didn’t like her anymore? What happened to just snubbing the girl who was no longer a friend? Whisper campaigns? Sure, bullying and whispering aren’t right nor good, but they are a hell of a lot better than murder. Teenagers can change friends like socks. One day, you are best friends and the next, one friend hates the other.

But to stab her to death? To stab her? To chase her down when  she ran and then stand over her while she died?

What the hell?

Then they spent months ‘grieving’ over their missing friend (she was not found for a time), wishing she would come home, would call them. One of the friends even texted the father and bemoaned the fact that she was Skylar’s best friend and why wouldn’t she call? Plus how much she missed her friend.

I do not understand people.

I know this had nothing to do with what is on my desk, but it is on my brain since last night. I watched way too long and I still can’t comprehend what those two teen girls did to their friend. Killing a stranger, much less a friend, wouldn’t even cross my mind!

What is becoming of this world when killing crosses the minds of two teens as the only way to handle breaking up a friendship? What indeed?

Now, back to my desk and notebooks. Time to crack the pages and get my morning going.





6 thoughts on “Question of the Day 3-22-2018

  1. According to the Wikipedia article, one motivating factor in Neese’s murder was that she allegedly witnessed lesbian activity between her two “friends” and they were afraid she’d expose them. People are stupid. Period. To me that’s why these violent acts keep happening and increasing in malice. In my day bullied kids didn’t go home and see if they could get an AK-47 assault rifle to take care of the bullies. Now it seems that’s the go-to method. And defriending and snubbing people? I think that’s also gone, you apparently must HURT whomever you dislike. What is at fault? I have no idea. But I’m sure glad I never had children.

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    • True, I read that, too. Luckily, my kids never got involved in anything like this. I taught them to defend themselves, but whenever possible to just walk away. It’s a sad world when guns become more important than brains.


  2. Desk?

    As for the weird teenager murder… In Japan, murders are pretty rare, but they can make big news. One of the reasons is that the murders often involve teenagers, usually teenage girls having a dispute enhanced by some emerging psychiatric problem. Consequently, they’re also usually pretty disturbing. In one recent case, the father of the murderer publicly apologized to the victim’s family before returning home and hanging himself. I suspect that the US has similar occurrences, but they just tend to be lost under the huge mass of homicides here while we tend to address violence with “thoughts and prayers”.

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    • I have always heard murder was rare in Japan, but it’s good to know it’s true. I wish America wasn’t such a hotbed for violence. It makes so sense to me; I guess I just don’t get the mentality. I do thinking the father hanging himself is rather drastic, but I guess that is one of the differences in the cultures.

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