Sunday Photo Fiction 4-1-2018

227 04 April 1st 2018

Sunday Photo Fiction


“All right, so he’s cute. But the clock… A little kitsch isn’t it?”

“She likes things like that,” she replied. “And she collects clocks.”



“Ok, but…”

“What?” Flat.

“Nothing.” Wasn’t worth provoking a fight just to get out of having his name attached to the clock. Gods, the thing was….. ugly.

They left the shop, heading back to their hotel. Later, while he was  down in the weight room, she called her sister.

“Yeah, I got the ugliest one I could find.”

“I bet he hated it!”

They both laughed.

“Oh, he did!”

“Do you think it will work?”

“I hope so.”

“Me, too.” Like so many sisters, they often thought alike.

“At least, while he is worrying about the clock, I can get my work done.”

“I hope so. Annie needs to come home.”

“I know, sister. I’ll bring her home. Don’t worry.”



































































































































































































































































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