Reena’s Exploration Challenge Week 30 4-6-2018

Reenas Exploration Challenge Week 30

Welcome to Week 30!

30 is growing up. 30 is the connecting point between the follies of youth, and a dawning of what seems like maturity. With corporate spans turning shorter, 30 starts a reverse count – how many years more to becoming the CEO? Or where do I go from here, if I am already the CEO? 30 might also see some people raise children, which opens up new perspectives to the world, as one has seen it. Most importantly, the thirties in life raised the question “Who do I want to be?”, rather than “What am I expected to be?”, at least for the older generation.

So, here is an interactive story with a twist. There is no imposed beginning or end. Just a few sentences, which can be included anywhere in your piece ……..

Here’s the challenge, not an easy one though.

You may choose to add a word, a line, a poem or micro-poem, a quote, an anecdote or personal experience or a complete story, a sci-fi or philosophical piece — anything that you feel will make it look complete. I have used a blurred background to signify the freedom to go anywhere. It is not a rigid structure.

Another suggestion – add complexity and leave it for me to decode it – just kidding… you need to turn the tables on me sometime.

“Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four.” For this powerful minority, freedom is the freedom to say two plus two make five

Winston in 1984 by George Orwell

Thanks for the great challenge! I always enjoy your challenges! Here’s my offering.



Challenge 30


“There are so many different ways we look at time. Time as in clocks – hours, minutes, days. Calendars as in weeks, months, years. Space. Distance. Thoughts. Past. Present. Future. Daylight Saving. Eastern Standard.” Jonathon fell silent at that point, staring off into the distance.


“So… what if there were none of those things?”

“No time?”

“No way to measure time. What if,” he paused, looking up, “what if there was no time.  What if the past, the present and the future were all one?”

“Would be a bit confusing, don’t you think?”

“Wouldn’t it be freeing?”

“How are you going to know to go to the doctor on time?”

“Why should I need to go at a certain time?”

“Because…..” Frustrated. “Because they schedule appointments and can’t have everybody showing up at once.”

“But if every time was the same, it wouldn’t matter now would it?”

“Yes! It would. If there was no time then nothing would get done on time.”

“But with no time there wouldn’t be a time for something to be done. Why should there be a schedule? Why should we limit ourselves?”

“You are freaking crazy!”

“Always and forever.”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

Jon just shrugged, staring back at the barred windows.

“You’ll never get out of here with that attitude.”

“Why should I get out? My past and present and future are the same. I am here and I am not here.”

“Well, I’m glad all of you are here cause you’re all crazy as a bat!”

Danny rose and stormed out, metal door slamming behind him. Jon was his brother, but he’d never been right. It was time he admitted the truth to himself. Jon was crazy. He’d always been crazy. He would always be crazy. Time to wash his hands of the problem.

Future –

Jonathon stared at the bars, soft smile on his lips. He’d always been told he was crazy. Past. Present and most likely, future. Did it matter?

No. He didn’t live in that universe anymore. He was, is, were all at once.

So many ways to measure something which didn’t even exist.

6 thoughts on “Reena’s Exploration Challenge Week 30 4-6-2018

  1. I loved your perspective on timelessness. Time was invented perhaps with concrete observations — death of a body, day and night patterns. Life of the soul lay only in realms of imagination. If we look closely, night is only moving out of the Sun’s influence for sometime. The Sun remains in its place (like the soul), parts of the Earth (like the body) move away.

    Thank you for joining in!

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