Shadow People

Fascinating post. I have seen shadow people before so these kinds of things fascinate me. And would, even if I hadn’t seem them before. Enjoy.


Let’s touch on the subject of “Shadow People.” These entities exist, I have seen them as described by countless of people. Based on people’s personal testimonial of their experiences, and my own experience it is recognized that contact with shadow people varies. My experiences have been humble as compared to others. So let’s talk about where the shadow people originate from and sightings and appearance

The origins of shadow people

Just where do Shadow people come from? Let’s look at two of the leading ideas. The first idea was explained by Harley SwiftDeer Reagan (www. Harley- SwiftDeer- The idea is ancient based on Native American experiences. He explained that the shadow people are parallel dimension beings whose existence was documented by indigenous people since 1153 BC. Regan went on to explain that the shadow people live in a parallel dimension and that they feed off of our discharge…

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