Sunday Photo Fiction 4-9-2018

March 31st 2013



Ridiculous, Perry grumbled around a beak-full of paper. Ridiculous!

I am a gull. A majestic gull. Distantly related to Jonathon Livingston. How dare they command me to deliver a message?

He squawked around paper, dipping close to the waves, thinking about dropping the message in the water, but didn’t. It was never wise to upset the Owl King.

Instead, he caught an updraft and soared high above the waves, dipping and darting through the wind currents, mind and heart dancing.

This, he knew, was living. Jonathon has been right. There was so much more to life than dipping and skimming for tidbits; fighting on the beach for scraps. Seagulls were so much more!

Winging away from the ocean, he flew over the forest, dropping the message down into the hollow tree in which the Owl King lived.

Message delivered and done. Squawking for joy, he soared upwards, free once more to be a seagull.





























































































































































































































































10 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction 4-9-2018

  1. I remember the book Jonathon Livingstone Seagull. It was the book to read when I was a teenager. There definitely is more to life than fighting for tidbits (shades of Yellow Brick Road). Well done.

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