Question of the Day 4-11-2018

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Are you in a relationship? Good or bad?

Relationship are overrated. At least, I feel that way most of the time. Other times, I really want to be in a relationship. The problem is that, after my marriage, I will never totally trust another man again. Even one lie will shut the door in his face.

Which is not a good attitude with which to start a relationship. My problem with starting a relationship is how do I find a good man? I don’t go to bars or out dancing or anywhere that there might be unattached males hanging around.

I tried on-line dating a few years ago and it was a bad experience. The one guy I talked with and planned to meet – whom I was interested in – never came to meet me and I never heard from him again. Or saw him on the site.

I met another guy who I wasn’t really drawn to, but he persuaded me I’d never know unless I tried. That was true, so I gave it a try. Which lasted until I started to see his web of lies, he called my kids names and showed me my interests were unimportant to his.

Out the door, he went.

Other men from far, far, away and across the country wanted to meet me and I was like – why? The answer was, “I am willing to move if it’s right.”

Right. I believe that. No way am I trekking across the country to meet a guy I’ve never met.

I recently decided to try another on-line dating site for a month, just to see what would happen. So far, this site seems better, at least it seems to have a better quality of men. (Is that rude of me?) Still, I have men viewing me over and over, but never responding to any messages sent.

I’m not a dummy. If they don’t respond, then I don’t respond. Ball is in their court and I’m not going to cross the line. I will not beg.

I am not desperate. I am fine by myself. I love being alone – most of the time. In fact, if I did have a relationship, I have no inclination to spend ever moment with him, talking to him etc. He can keep his house, I’ll keep my house and we can meet in the middle. I am not going to give up my life for anybody.

Is that a bad attitude?

So, no relationship of the man kind. Maybe it will happen. Maybe not. Either way, I’ll go on with my life. Either things will change or they won’t. I’ve learned enough to know that I will not allow another man to emotionally control me. Maybe I can’t love.  I’ll find that out in the future, too.

And, maybe, I will find a man with whom I can share my life, or as much of my life as I feel like sharing.

My options are out in the Universe. I’ll see what materializes…..

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