Sunday Photo Fiction 4-26-2018

157 05 May 22nd 2016

Sunday Photo Fiction

Three men stood in front of the table displaying three wine glasses.

“Nice diagonal,” Jay commented, tilting his head.

“I’m more worried about the yellow wine,” Kerry replied.

“You think the artist is comparing wine to pee?”

“Well…. maybe.”

“So,” Chris put in. “What about the blue?”

“Blue bests yellow which bests red?”

Chris leaned forward, looking down into the glasses. “I’d be more impressed if he’d gotten liquid to tilt like that.”

“He’d have to tilt the glasses for that.”

“Obviously.” Chris looked around the museum, taking in the variety of other exhibits. “I might not be up on visual arts,” he went on, “but this…”

“Yeah,” both Jay and Kerry agreed.

“The artist needs to come on one of our tours, see the reality of wine.”

“And what, Sir Abstinence, is the reality of wine?”

Chris chuckled. “You drink wine, you get sloshed and don’t care shit about what color it happens to be.”

“Unless its yellow,” Kerry added.

Both Chris and Jay looked at him. Laughed.

“Yeah, right, Kerry, unless it’s yellow.”

One thought on “Sunday Photo Fiction 4-26-2018

  1. An artistic statement comparing wine to pee — what a funny and clever take on the prompt! Although I hope I don’t think about that next time I have white wine, hmm… Not an appetizing thought, ha ha!


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