Sunday Photo Fiction 5-9-2018

Sunday Photo Fiction

“Do you really think we can get across the ocean in this?”

“Why not?”

“Well,” skeptical, “this is a hot-air balloon. What if something happens?”

“Its 1987, Per. This baby is the best in the world.”  Richard Branson patted the rim of the basket, proud of his hot-air balloon. Sure, a trio had crossed the Atlantic in 1978, but with a helium balloon. His would be the first hot-air balloon to make the crossing.

Per Lindstrand nodded, ever hopeful. He’d love a record as much as Branson.

Takeoff was problematic, landing worse, but 31 hours and 41 minutes later, they had secured the record, been rescued by the Royal Navy and become heroes.

Arriving home, Richard looked at Per. “Next, the Pacific!”

Thanks to those who write historical-based stories for inspiring me to try my hand!

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