Sunday Photo Fiction 5-14-2018


Photo Prompt: C.E. Ayr

Sunday Photo Fiction



Tanya stood just inside the doorway, watching the boys move from exhibit to exhibit. Men really, but she still called them boys. Her boys. She’d been in the band when Chris took over, when Jay came, where they were still the Fluffy Marshmallows. When she’d been nothing more than the token girl shaking the tambourine and looking pretty.

Not that she’d been pretty.

Chris blew in like a nor’easter, changing her life forever. From the second day, the marshmallow backdrop was gone, they were nameless – for the moment – and all the previous members were gone except for her and Mikie. She wasn’t sure why Chris kept Mikie except he could play the drums. Maybe that had been enough. Or maybe he’d been as lost as she and they’d both been waiting to be pulled to safety. There were people like that; people who saved the world without even knowing.

She wanted to go back to the hotel. The animals lwere as lost as she had been, made pretty so people could stand and stare. People who never did, and never would, understand lostness. Why hadn’t they had a savior, too?

Laying a hand on the baby’s elephant’s trunk, she started to cry.




8 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction 5-14-2018

  1. To be lost in a museum… So much history to be a part of.
    Even tears are needed for growth.
    I do wonder where some of the ‘exhibits’ come from.


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