I Am Brave 30 Day Challenge Day 19 5-23-2018

(I almost forgot this series. Maybe I should have called it 30 Month Challenge:)

 I Am Optimistic


In a moment of misery, crack a smile. To prep yourself for this moment, try to force a giggle—maybe even a full-on belly laugh​ right now 🙂


Being optimistic is a choice.

I just posted a quote to Facebook which deals with optimism.

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Some people may disagree with this statement. I know some who already have. I don’t know if the disconnect is in their mind or they are simply afraid nothing will ever change and expecting change leaves them disappointed.

I try to be optimistic. I used to be a pessimist until I realized what I was focusing on was what I was getting out of life. The problem was, I was focusing on the wrong things: what I didn’t have; what I didn’t want; how horrible the world was around me. Thus, those were the things I was manifesting into my life. When I changed my thinking, I changed my life.

Unfortunately, I lost that change and haven’t fuller reclaimed it yet. I fell back into being afraid which kept me stuck in the pessimistic mode. My attitude is improving again. I am focusing more on the positive, trying to remember how to keep the world from pulling the rug out from under me on a daily basis.

I am trying to be optimistic, but not be a Pollyanna, a very difficult distinction. The difference between the two is a Pollyanna think nothing bad will ever happen and an optimist knows bad things will happen but they look for the positive even so.

Maybe I am just making that distinction in my mind so I can stay a Non-Pollyanna. Or maybe I am just fooling myself. Maybe being an optimist and a Pollyanna are the same thing.  I’m not sure why it matter, just that I hate the label of Pollyanna.

Even so, if I have to claim the label, I might as well do it with as much cheer and positivity as possible.

“Every day is a new beginning. Treat it that way. Stay away from what might have been and look at what can be.”

– Marsha Petrie Sue


As I encounter fear and opposition, I will greet it with an extra degree of kindness and care. I will let the curve of my smile grow into every negative thought and emotion. Navigating difficulty in this positive light turns obstacles into opportunities and empowers me to press on courageously.

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