Question of the Day 6-6-2018

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Do you celebrate the things you have?

I like to think I do. There are times when I want something so bad I feel like crying, but I now realize that nothing, material or immaterial, is important enough for that. If there is something I want, it will come if I am meant to have it. If I’m not, then it won’t.

Celebration and gratitude thrive hand-in-hand. I can sit in my living room and be grateful for all that I have – celebrate all that I have – or I can think about the new chair I’d rather have, or the new rug or a new floor. The trick is to know that, yes, I may ‘dream’ about these things happening in my future, but I am not lacking for them now. If they are meant to come, they will. Simple fact. If I am not meant to get that new chair, then I’ll happily live with the one I own now. It may be old and look ratty, but it’s a place to sit, is comfortable and it’s here.

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