Question of the Day 6-14-2018

Please feel free to answer these questions on your blog or in the responses. If you leave me a link to your post, I will re-post it on my blog. You can also feel free to forward these questions to anybody who might be interested. Thank you to those who have already shared their thoughts.

I’ve decided to only do Questions on weekdays. I just don’t have time on the weekends, plus my computer has been dead this week. This way I can do the Questions before I leave work.

Do you feel supported by friends and family?

Friends, yes, family… not so much. I’ve always felt different, the odd one out in my family. I’ve never felt understood as a child and, after being diagnosed with bi-polar, I felt even more at odds. My family doesn’t understand the bi-polar and I’m not even sure they made any attempt to understand. Maybe, they did, but with the issues from 2016, everything seemed to fall apart. They didn’t understand that the medicine mix-up changed me both at the time and forever. Every time I felt like I was back to myself, I realized later that I hadn’t been back. I’ve come to realize that  some mental abilities are not going to come back.  Multi-tasking, for instance.

No more multi-tasking.  Thus no more horseback riding. I just can’t focus on all the different aspects at once. Also, I don’t have the attention span I once possessed.

I self-published a book of poetry and gave one to my sister, father and aunt. Not one of them ever said a word about it afterwards. The same with the piece I read at my mother’s funeral. No one in the family said a word. Many others at the funeral did speak to me about the piece.

I don’t mean to be whining, just trying to give examples of how and why I don’t feel supported by my family.

Maybe they do understand more than I think, but it doesn’t help if I feel misunderstood. Or maybe, it’s just me being paranoid.


2 thoughts on “Question of the Day 6-14-2018

  1. Families are funny mechanisms aren’t they? They are always around us in one form or another. I think a lot of the time they take us for granted. They expect us to be there, I often think they expect I’ll behave in a certain way and that’s how I am.
    I am lucky to have a good family around me. I’m not sure they understand me as I’ve always been a bit ‘different’. My brothers and sister are much more practical than I am, they are tradespeople and I didn’t inherit any of those genes.
    My children I feel very close to, I have been the one parent they come to, as I listen, try not to judge, offer support and encouragement. My children and I meet regularly for dinner, they have children too and my house is alive with noise until they leave.
    I have very few friends, the product of abuse in marriage and relationships. The ones I do have are lifelong friends.
    I think it’s sad that your family cannot acknowledge you and what contributions you make to your family. Hang in there, you are more worthy than you might realise.


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