Question of the Day 6-21-2018

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I’ve decided to only do Questions on weekdays. I just don’t have time on the weekends.

 If you won the lottery, what would you do?

Scream! Scream! Scream!

Ah, probably not. I’d wonder when they’d realize they made a mistake and come to take the money back!

But, let’s say money is no object. I won the lottery or whatever. That rich Uncle who dies and leaves me a fortune. Though if I had that rich Uncle….. I wish I’d known.

Anyway, I’ve always had a plan for how I would put my financial world to rights if I received a landfall of cash.

First, I would pay off my bills, including my house. I would set up an account to pay the monthly utilities automatically to free me from that obligation.

I would deposit a large sum into saving every month.

I would pay my family back a lump–sum of the money I have had to borrow over the years to stay afloat.

I would give a lump-sum to several of my friends who could use the money.

I would buy my youngest a car (once he gets his license). Just so you don’t think I’m  ignoring my oldest, I gave her my old car when I purchased myself a new one.

I would live at the beach half of the year. This necessitating, of course, retiring early. Maybe at different beaches every year.

I would live in England for a couple of years.

I don’t know that I’d want a bigger house, but I would fix the issues with my current house. I would l hire landscapers to make the grounds look the way I’ve always wanted them to look and to take care of mowing, raking and other tasks! I would have a sunroom added to the house, redo the kitchen and who knows what else.

Remember, for this fantasy, money isn’t an issue.

I would spend a certain, substantial, amount a month on my model horse collection.

I would travel with my friends and pay for the whole trip.

I would have a farm and some horses, even if they weren’t there for anything but to live out their lives in peace and quiet.

Oh, have one of those outdoor cat houses built for my cats.

I would buy as much forest land as possible and turn it into a natural preserve. If I could do the same with the rainforest, I would do that, too.

I would donate regularly to several charities and, somehow, find a way to feed all the hungry in my town. Even if I had to pay for every meal, no one would go hungry.

As for myself, I have no interest in plastic surgery (yuck!), but I might get my varicose veins zapped and try to decrease the brown spots and such on my face and arms.

Ah, fantasy, how vain you are! I may never get any of the above, but isn’t it fun to pretend?

What would you do if money was no object?

One thought on “Question of the Day 6-21-2018

  1. This is always an interesting question, and I like your practical and realistic answers. Might motivate me to clean-up and post something that’s been in the editor for better than a year. I think the statistic is that about 70% of people who win a million-dollars or more in lotteries are broke within 5-years. One thing money doesn’t change is one’s personality… compassionate people stay compassionate, family people stay with their families, lonely people stay lonely, unhappy people stay unhappy, addictive personalities… The money simply amplifies the ability to express one’s already existing character. And I suspect that most people of self-disciplined character tend not to buy lottery tickets.


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