Grammar Goof 7-28-2018


If you could 'life' again, would you choose to stay in school?
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2 thoughts on “Grammar Goof 7-28-2018

  1. Oh my heck! In that first one: Yeah you do. IF you’re so dim-witted that you don’t recognize a double negative and have it indelibly tattooed on your skin! And in the second…Um. I wonder how successful that tattoo artist really IS if “f” and “v” look the same… 😉 Bwahaha!

    You also have heard of or seen (no doubt) the obsequious “No Regerts” one… oh dear Lord! This has ‘sparked’ a blog post of mine which I’ll SHOW you some of my favorites…with commentary yet! Thanks Athling! 😀

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    • Makes me afraid for the future of humans.Talk about the dumbing down of America;) Then again when I find grammar errors in published books….

      Yes, I have seen that one and look forward to seeing your favorites. I’m glad you enjoy these. I have a blast looking for them.

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