As My World Turns 8-24-2018

One thing about my life, it is never boring. My surgery has been pushed back to 9-13 due to my daughter have surgery last Wednesday. She went into the hospital with several abdominal pain and ended up having her appendix removed. Apparently, right before it burst.

I spend the last two days in the hospital with her and, as any Mom would do, I pushed my surgery back in case she needs me in the next week.

So, again, I am on the catching up trail. I did write some posts in my head while sitting in the hospital room, but with no computer they went no further.

So….. here I go.


3 thoughts on “As My World Turns 8-24-2018

  1. All the best to you and your daughter. You are a MUM! And a good one. It is important to be there in times of trial such as hospital and surgery to support and to just “be there”.


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