JSW Prompt 6-18-2018 – The Desk

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picture by  csknotts

After a week of procrastination and whinging she finally took me aside and explained that it was perfectly normal to go through periods of doubt over one’s writing ability.

She placed the prompt in front of me and said, “Look, this is a sign. It says, ‘Just Start Writing’ and that’s all you have to do. Write.”

I looked at the image in the prompt and thought it cast an uncanny similarity to my work desk. Though to be truthful mine was a heap messier.

I felt the spark of creativity returning as I recalled the desk of a colleague whose pile of papers and miscellaneous items reached to the top shelf and who reassured us he knew where everything was. One day he was instructed by those above us to clean his desk, as it was potentially a health hazard to those of us working near…

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JSW Prompt 6-4-2018 – The Morning After

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I came out to a breakfast already made and on the table. I was very prone to a big breakfast, and this looked beyond delicious.

I was surprised as the night before we had argued over going to visit my parents on the weekend. Jane was adamant she didn’t want to go; she said my parents were stuffy and she never felt welcomed and would prefer to stay home.

She cited several times when we had visited, and she was ignored when conversation happened around the dining room table. When she did make a contribution, her ideas and opinions were dismissed as uninformed and or irrelevant.

It was true I had to admit that my parents were a stuck up couple. They were both educated, had worked in the university in research and held views on most topics that weren’t always the ones I agreed with.

In the end, we…

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JSW Prompt 7-2-2018 – Barker the Troll

Great characters. Love this piece.



I walked across this bridge so many times and never thought twice about it. Mainly because there was not anything outstanding about it. It was a means to an end, to cross what was usually a dry gully.

But this morning I heard a voice.

“Got a minute mate?”

I swear it came from under the bridge. Around me, the bush was its normal vegetative self. I leant on one side, ignoring the cigarette butts in the box which I was always sure were intended for bird seed, but I never saw any in them and looked down.

The eyes I met were bright, and a shade of pink I’d not seen before.

The eyes were attached to a small man who looked up and me and said: “Its cold enough down here to freeze the walls off a bark humpy. Got a light?” he said holding up the sorry…

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Response – JSW Prompt 8-27-2018 – The Light.

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I woke in a sweat, my clothes soaked, my heart pumping, my anxiety levels higher than they should have been.

Ahead of me was the glow of the opening. I couldn’t decide if it was an opening or a closing. How had I got here?

My feet were bare, I could feel them standing in some sort of slime which was circling both of them, the ooze gently engulfing them and as I was not able to move the sensation was quietly comforting.

Behind me, a voice was calling out instructions. “Please move forward. There is nothing to fear. Step into the light, now!”

So forceful was the voice I could feel the words nudging me in the back and all the while my brain was working overtime trying to decide if this was real or not.

In taking a step, I felt the slime grab my foot as if…

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Question of the Day 9-29-2018

I apologize for the continued sporadic Questions posts. Computers can be such a pain.

Please feel free to answer these questions on your blog or in the responses. If you leave me a link to your post, I will re-post it on my blog. You can also feel free to forward these questions to anybody who might be interested. Thank you to those who have already shared their thoughts.

What three things are you grateful for today?

Today I am thankful for my health, my home (to keep me out of endless days of rain), and my puppy, Evie. Short and sweet today:)