Response – JSW Prompt 9-3-2018

Feel free to join in and respond to the prompt. Please try to keep your response under 300 word (recommended, not law). You can write a story, poem, essay, anything which strikes your fancy. I will re-blog posts to my site.

Writing Prompt #4: With that, she walked into the rain and didn't look back. That was the last time anyone ever saw her.

Alive, that is. Dead was another matter.

He didn’t want to see her dead or alive, but dead was definitely more vexing. More vexing still was the fact that he saw her when he looked into the mirror. He was her; she was him. Confusing as hell.

He stared at her image on his face, clamping down on the panic rising in his chest. A bad dream. This was all a bad dream. A really, really, really bad dream.

“No, darling, it isn’t,” her voice said from his mouth. “You know I promised never to leave you.”

“You can, you know,” he said in her voice. “I don’t mind.”

“No, darling. We will be together forever.”

Grabbing up a candlestick, he smashing the mirror, shards falling like rain. Smashed all the mirrors in the house,

No more mirrors. He would never look in a mirror again.

Still, he felt her molded to his face, growing into him, becoming him. Felt her thoughts merging with his like some symbiotic alien eating him alive from the inside.

Before he lost himself forever, he sliced his throat with one of the shards of glass. Watched her bleed out of his body and into the night.


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