Reena’s Exploration Challenge – Week 55 9-23-2018

Welcome to another week of the Exploration Challenge!

Metaphors are so strongly woven in our language, that we start re-imagining things – maybe which are not likely to happen. Like,

I am at boiling point

Isomorphism (the pattern which connects two different types of things) helps people construct these sentences, and describe their internal state. Change the metaphor, and the mental state can change. This is possible by asking a few questions –

Example of an expression

I am carrying the whole world on my shoulders


  1. Tell me a little more about the world you carry.
  2. Whom do you see inside it?
  3. How much is the pressure?
  4. How would you feel without it?
  5. For how long do you think you will have to carry this?

I’m sure some would feel the burden lighten after answering these questions.

Reena’s Exploration Challenge Week 55




Write a blog on your site, and post the link in the Comments section below. Or create a pingback, but check once if it has worked.

I look forward to another peek into the minds of brilliant writers. Have fun!


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