Question of the Day 10-23-2018

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What is your top pet peeve?

I hate when people enter through the exit door or exit through the enter door.

Silly, right, but it drives me crazy.

How hard is it for people to enter and exit through the correct doors? Otherwise, I am trying to enter the store while people stream out the enter door which is, by the way, right beside the exit door.

Do people just not care? They certainly can’t be concerned about anything but themselves.

Then again, maybe I am just old-fashioned and out-of-touch with the modern world.



One thought on “Question of the Day 10-23-2018

  1. I don’t think people look around enough. They’re barely aware of where they are, let alone which door they are using to get in or out of a store. One or two up here in this small town only open one way, so some idiot trying to go out the ‘in’ door would run into the door or be hit by it by someone trying to come in….might serve them right too.

    Here’s my contribution:


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