Response – Reena’s Exploration Challenge – Week 60 10-26-2018

That which is unspoken becomes unspeakable – Adrienne Rich

Reenas’ Exploration Challenge Week 60

The rules remain the same. The format can be prose, poetry, a combination of both, a memory, anecdote, review of a book you read, a photograph or work of art or just a fave rant. I look forward to meet all thoughts.

It was never spoke about, not in so many words, and never aloud. Truth was, body language was enough to scorn her for the rest of her life. She never got away, not like I did. Never had a sweetheart because when she was at the age to find one, Dad got sick and she stayed home to nurse him.

He never spoke to her unless to ask for something and then he spoke more to the air than her.

Mom died years ago and maybe that was why she got into that trouble. No female to keep her on the straight path. Dad didn’t care, not until after it was done and gone. Family disgrace, he said in silence.

I always wanted to say something to her, let her know everybody hadn’t turned against her, but I never did. If Dad found out, my life would become unspeakable, too.

You might think after I’d gone, made my own way, I could have gone back and talked to her, but it never happened. By then, there weren’t any words to say.

Not aloud anyway.



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