Question of the Day 11-12-2018

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What is a simple truth people often seem to forget?

It seems to me the simple truth people seem inclined to forget is ‘Happiness is not material things.’ So many of us have been brought up to covet the neighbor’s nice cars, their bigger house, their 78″ Smart TV, their I-phone. Wife, mother, daughter or son. If only my child was as smart/talented/motivated as John’s.

We step on each other to climb the ladder of success only to discover the ladder goes nowhere but to more material things. Success does not necessitate happiness. If this wife isn’t as good any more, find a younger one, a prettier one. If your child does good, reward them with new Reeboks or a cell phone.

The rewards we seek are material things, not  realizing how shallow those things will become in our lives. Don’t like the I-Phone 5, upgrade to the 6 or the 7 or 8. Everything around us, preaches  ‘more is better.’ Come to our church because it is bigger than the others. Or has more stained glass windows, more people in the congregation. Go to our school because we have a winning football team or more students get jobs on graduation.

Why not go to our school to find out what you love in life; to meet people and explore your world?

Your child must go to this pre-school or they will never succeed in life. Sometimes, we forget that these things, too, are material. Will your child really fail because they didn’t go to ‘the’ approved preschool? Isn’t it better to teach you child about love and respect and tolerance rather than cars and houses and the fave toy of the year.

There is nothing wrong with getting the fave toy of the year unless it is the only thing you give your child. I don’t know what the fave toy of this year might be; I don’t have little children any more. I do remember when my kids were young, they marked every toys in the Christmas Catalogue as something they wanted. I knew most of the toys would fall apart or be broken or critical pieces lost almost before the wrapping paper was trashed.

I have been material, too. I see something I ‘love,’ and almost cry when I can’t get it. But I learned, and am still learning. Every day, I try to appreciate the wonder and joy around me, the happiness I feel walking with my dog, Evie.

I still get material things. We can’t live with material things, but we need to remember they are things, not happiness and not the important lessons of life.



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