Question of the Day 1-17-2019

What are your goals for the rest of January?

  1. To Finish editing the first third of The Cobra Effect.
  2. To catch up on my blog reading.
  3. Clean laundry room.

What fun goals – at least the first two. I do need to clean the laundry room, however, but have been putting it off. So now its time to stick it to the schedule.

2 thoughts on “Question of the Day 1-17-2019

  1. I wish you success with your third goal the most. I have ‘the laundry room from heck” myself. It was bad last year, it’s a horror show this year (I can’t get in there without trouble, there’s so much ‘storage’ in it now.) I have to clean out a portion of the garage to put the storage out there (I honestly should just throw it all out); and I’ve been promising myself to do that for two years. I’ve been meaning to clean the laundry room and pantry for five. Time will slip away if you let it! I’m so glad you’re doing the questions again! Looking forward to the next one.


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