My Dream House

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Light Motifs II

When I first saw Melanie’s question, I thought of a condo. I’m not really a “yard person,” and why would I want to bother with paying someone to maintain gardens if I’m not gonna sit out there and enjoy ’em? But condos have HOA’s with loads of rules and busybodies and freaking neighbors in your face telling you what color toilet paper to use. Annoying! 😡

So, forget the condo. I’ll take a house in Huntington Beach. Not a big monster house, but something modest where I can have a few cats and a quiet life. Today I’m only supposed to describe the outside of it because we’re doing the inside in another post. Why? Idk! Ask Melanie.

There are a lot of cute houses in HB, but I don’t want one too close to the beach because tsunamis, hello. Or too close to a school, shopping center, busy…

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