Question of the Day 2-11-2019

Please feel free to answer these questions on your blog or in the responses. You can also feel free to forward these questions to anybody who might be interested. Thank you to those who have already shared their thoughts.

What Does Your Joy Look Like Today?

What does my joy look like today? Why did I pick this question?

I know, I know, I picked the questions because I wanted something deeper than your Dream House. Doesn’t mean the Dream House questions weren’t fun, but there are other important questions to ask also.

It’s grey and raining today. I feel, this last year, my hometown has been magically picked up and moved to the rainy Northwest. I am tired of rain. The long strings of grey days are not good for my bi-polar so, even if I am doing better in other ways, I am struggling still. Correction, I will always struggle, but the rain doesn’t help.

Be that as it may, today my joy looks like the glistening drops of rain on leaves, the fresh smell of the coming spring and hidden rainbows all around.  My joy looks like the sweet face of my puppy, Evie, and the friendly meows of my cats as they greet me at the door. Even the sleepy face of my youngest struggling to wake brings me joy.

We are always looking for joy somewhere out there, in the distance, the future, but, joy lives in the present, within ourselves. We need to live joyfully in every moment and in everything we see and do. Miracles happen ever day, but you won’t see them if you don’t look.

What does your joy look like today?




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