Sunday Photo Fiction 3-18-2019

BicyclesPhoto Courtesy of Susan Spaulding


Bicycles? And yellow bicycles at that?

First fact, he hated the color yellow as much as he hated sunflowers, rubber duckies, butter, lemons and chickens, the babies at least. Adult chickens were okay, but mean as hell.

Frankly, he just hated the color yellow and everything it entailed.

“I’m not riding a yellow bike.”

“Really?” asked with a groan.

” Nope.”

“Okay, have a nice walk.”

“You are going to walk with me, right?”

“Hell no. I’m riding the damn yellow bike.”

“You can’t.”

“Why not?”

“Well… I don’t like yellow bikes.”

“So. I do.”


“Nothing,” Darcy finished for him, grabbing one of the bikes and swinging his leg over the saddle.

“Will you get the tickets for me?”

“No.” He looked back at Mike. “You have to get them yourself.”

“But I won’t get there in time.”

Darcy shrugged, pushing off and heading down the street. “Get on the bike!” he shouted over his shoulder.

With an angry shout, Mike started to run after his brother.




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