Response – JSW Prompt 1-13-2019

Feel free to join in and respond to the prompt. Please try to keep your response between 200 – 250 word (recommended, not law). You can write a story, poem, essay, anything which strikes your fancy! Link your work back to this post so people can read it.


wp-1578938327009.jpgpix by csknotts 2020


The snow wasn’t deep, but the day was just beginning. By nightfall, it would be knee-deep if not deeper. I love snow, but not up to my knees, getting into my boots, soaking the jeans tucked into rubber. Today was not the day for that mess.

I had other things to do, things snow couldn’t stop. Time waits for no man, not even me. Especially not a man with a plan.

Shouldering my pack, I set out again, making my way through the trees, already tired. Next time, a smaller target, I promised myself, but kept going. I needed to reach the cabin by nightfall.

By noon, I’d reached the first lake and stopped for a rest. The snow was heavier now, falling faster and thicker, cutting my vision by half. I hadn’t planned on this lake, but I wanted to get home.

Dropping my burden, I clicked open the folding shovel from my pack and started to dig. By the time the snow melted, no one would ever know there was a grave.

Lake-side. A pretty view come springtime.

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