Response – JSW Prompt 1-6-2020

Feel free to join in and respond to the prompt. Please try to keep your response between 200 – 250 word (recommended, not law). You can write a story, poem, essay, anything which strikes your fancy! Link your work back to this post so people can read it.




I think he always meant to be kind, but sometimes kindness is only cruelty in disguise.

I watched him through the rain-streaked window of the train, knowing I would never return. Mistakes I’d made a-plenty, but this wouldn’t be one. Loving him had been a mistake. Staying with him had been a mistake. Believing his lies because I was afraid to know the truth had been my biggest mistake.

The train pulled out of the station. I didn’t watch him recede into the distance.

Today, I made no mistakes. Today, I left the life sentence behind.





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