Look For The Helpers 3-20-2020

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Look for the helpers? How can we apply this to the world as we know it today, as the pandemic of COVID-19 seems to be racing to touch us all?

Who are the helpers? Who do you see around you helping?

Who do you see hurting? Who do you see being petty and self-centered and ugly?

What kind of helper are you going to be?

One thought on “Look For The Helpers 3-20-2020

  1. We try to pass on information, be practical and keep our distance without ignoring our fellow dog walkers. There are just the two of us and the dog, but we have included our neighbour in our little group as her husband died last May and she has no family local. She is active and sensible, but extremely nervous and anxious when in a crowd.
    Words fail me at the selfishness of others as they panic buy and strip shelves of things they don’t need, leaving nothing for those who do. There is enough to go around as long as everyone is sensible. If anyone can help others, it is them by simply thinking before they loot, because apart from paying for their goods (though some try not to), there is no difference.


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