Make April a Month of Hope 4-1-2020

Welcome to Make April a Month of Hope! I am hoping this will be a place – on whatever platform- where we can support each other, not only because of the pandemic, but from whatever might be making our lives strained.

The biggest issue is, of course, the one on all our minds – Covid-19, the virus changing our concept of reality.

I am still working since I work at a hospital. I have been volunteering in the COVID-19 Clinic at the hospital for half a day, then doing my normal job the remainder of the day. Tomorrow, I start a trial of working some days at home. This will only go on as long as COVID obviously, but it is a nice change.

The quietness of the world at large is odd and scary. I’m not used to the near deserted streets, the empty grocery store shelves.

I have no issues staying home the rest of the time as I am a homebody at the best of times. I have been spending some beautiful afternoons in the hammock with my dog, Evie.

Life goes on.

What changes has COVID-19 made in your life?

2 thoughts on “Make April a Month of Hope 4-1-2020

  1. Keep safe, and thank you for the job you do.
    So far, our area seems to be clear and most people are being practical and sensible now that it is accepted that COVID 19 is going to be with us for months yet. I’m not happy not having the choice whether to stay in or go out, but I will follow the guidelines.
    Our problem is people coming from out of town having already depleted their supermarket shelves, now they want to do the same here. Already one wholesaler has put up a notice saying Locals Only.


  2. The pandemic hasn’t really changed my life very much at all. Life had changed last year quite abruptly when my man K injured his knee. This meant our dancing schedules – practise, lessons and socials all ceased. K also has been working mostly from home the past six months, so we are both now adjusted to that.
    In regard to work, I have been working from home for many years, so being at home is my usual routine. The only limitation now is not being able to go out for a coffee or lunch occasionally. Even that doesn’t concern me because I’ve become vegan and there are not many great vegan meals to be had in our area! Some, but not enough to entice!!! 🙂
    All in all I’m quite comfy with my routines these days. I love to cook, and I seem to be busier than usual finding great recipes to try.
    I’ve also become a news addict. I love to have as much world news as I can get. I believe we are all better off being objective, and understanding the pandemic as our fabulous scientist/health researchers/workers come to appreciate its details. Knowing, I believe, takes what could be a scary condition into the world of being able to safeguard ourselves better.
    Take care of yourself. It’s a very responsible career you’ve chosen.


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