Response – JSW 1-4-2021

“Why not?”

“Because you are a pryo, that’s why.”

“Just because I like fire?”

“Correrction, you don’t just like fire. You like burning things down.”

“True. But do you want to hear my solution anyway?”


“We burn them out.”

“It’s a whole building.”

“So. A bigger bonfire.”


“Look, we can either burn them out or starve them out. Seems burning is quicker and more pleasant.”

“Pleasant! What the hell is pleasant about being burned to death.”

“You dont starve to death.”

“All right, I will give you that. Starving is no fun.”

“Look, with burning they can run out and live. Starving doesn’t allow that freedom.”

“Starving is not a freedom.”

“Consequence then. Choice.”


“Final answer?”


He shrugged. Taking his leave, he wrapped his coat around himself and headed into the night. Damn, rats. Always better to beg forgiveness.

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