Question Of The Day 3-10-2021

If You Could Trade Lives With Someone, Who Would It Be?

What a hard, but fascinating, question. I think it would be hard to choose. Should I choose a real person – knowing the outcome of their life from history, or should I choose a fictional character, still knowing the outcome of their life from the novel or story. Either way, I would want the trade to be temporary.

For the ‘real’ person from history, I think I would choose somebody from the Court of King Arthur. I am fascinated by that time in history and would love to know if any of the stories are real. Because I’m not a long skirt and passive kind of girl, however, I think I’d have to trade places with one of the knights or even Arthur himself. Just for a little bit; just to see what the world was like back then.

As for a fictional character, there are so many who’s lives I would like to experience and explore. One of my top picks would be Richard Gansey III from The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater. To be honest, I fell in love with Gansey while reading the books and would love to see the world through his eyes.

Who would you choose?

One thought on “Question Of The Day 3-10-2021

  1. Imaginary? A goddess, perhaps the Japanese Ama-no-Uzume… she seemed to have a lot of fun.
    Real? Some light traveler, probably unknown or lost to history. Perhaps Jin Jeong, a Korean woman simply bicycling her way around the world.


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